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Why Oceane

Here is a general view of how the Oceane Beauty – Pearl Powder Skin Care line is formulated. For a more specific product by product break-down, ingredients, directions and beauty tips see above and below.
Welcome to the Oceane Beauty experience.

Oceane Ingredients

The two key ingredients that make the Oceane so effective are Pearl Powder and Marine Plant Stem Cells, both well known for their age defying and beautifying properties. Pearl Powder is an ancient beauty ingredient that has been used for over 3000 years by Asians, Egyptians, Chinese, Mayans and Indians for radiant, bright, glowing, and healthy looking, beautiful skin as well as a remedy for a variety of skin ailments. Pearl Powder is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. In addition to its beautifying and anti-aging properties, Pearl Powder is also considered by many Asian traditions to stimulate healing, clear toxins from the human body, improve hair shine & strength, enhance cell metabolism, and contribute to one’s overall well-being". Pearl Powder is known as a super exfoliator as it naturally removes dead skin from the top layer of the skin. This natural, controlled exfoliation process will allow other age-defying ingredients to penetrate better and deeper into the skin for superior long lasting results. The other key ingredient clinically researched to provide anti-aging benefits is Marine Plant Stem Cells (extracts, rather than live stem cells). Marine Plant Stem Cell technology is the most cutting-edge innovation in the beauty and skin-care industry. It stimulates cells regeneration and provides unparalleled anti-aging benefits. Sea plants were the first organism to come out of the water millions of years ago and thus had to face the constraints of the terrestrial condition such as dehydration, sun exposure, fierce climate changes, and other extreme conditions. To survive, sea plants have developed unique mechanisms to adjust and adapt to these fiercely challenging conditions and to maintain their hydration levels in order to survive and grow. The marine plant stem cells, scientifically formulated into the Oceane Beauty line, are obtained from unique sea plants (Criste Marine) that can stay fresh and hydrated for a long period of time and can adapt and adjust to the most extreme weather and environmental conditions.

The Oceane Beauty Brand

The Oceane Beauty line is a luxury skincare line available at select fine retailers worldwide. The Oceane skincare line is based on Pearls and Marine Plant Stem Cells for superior results. Our line has several collections each designed for a specific target and all are designed to battle the aging process and improve one’s appearance. Oceane is proudly made in the United States. All of products are ParabennFree and were never tested on animals.

The Oceane Beauty line is the perfect combination of pearls, also known as jewels from the ocean,ncutting-edge marine plant stem cells technology, and the mystic powers of the deep blue ocean, all known for their age-defying and beautifying benefits. Welcome to the experience of OCEANE: Body.Mind.Soul

Oceane Beauty Tips



Always apply our products over a clean face. It’s a fact - skincare products are more effective when applied on clean slightly wet skin.



When applying serum and creams always apply from lighter to heavier. The serum will always be the first as it penetrates the skin and prepares the skin to absorb the cream better. Let the serum absorb before you apply the cream on top.



If you use masks, apply them first and after you remove them apply the serum and cream to complete the treatment. Note – Masks will enrich your skin. Apply masks once a week. Creams and Serums apply more often.



Please alternate between skin-care regimens. This is the best way to keep your skin looking young and healthy. You don’t want to let your skin adjust to the same routine so please alternate between creams, serums, and moisturizers on a constant basis.